Friday, September 07, 2007

Passing It Along

It was fun to have received The Creative Blogger Award the other day, and part of the honor is to be able to choose five people on whom to bestow the award. (Ah, the power...) So here are my five picks: Jana Bouc: a wonderful watercolorist and an honest down-to-earth blogger who shares both her artistic discoveries and struggles in her lovely blog: Laura: the most incredible drawings, travel journals, flowing watercolors; just delightful: Nina Johansson: a Swedish artist whose pen and inks with watercolor knock your socks off, mine anyway: Lin Frye: I don't know anyone who does more work on her art, whose progress is shared and used to support others along their creative paths. One of the biggest hearts I've encountered along the road: and last, but by no means least: our own Kate Johnson: who has given herself away as a teacher and as a friend to so many artists, new and struggling, beginners and advanced. A wonderful online teacher and published art book writer. Beyond that, incredible watercolors, just inspiring, and fun to read whatever she write online.

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