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Friday, March 13, 2020

Floral Bouquet, Watercolor - SOLD

I was blessed with a nice bouquet from the grocery store, when my niece E was visiting last weekend.
(Thank you, E!) It has lasted well enough that I've been able to paint with it for a whole week. Well, minus the sunflowers.

Here are three attempts. I think the last one is sale worthy.
We'll go backwards.
This one has some breathing room (white space).
It has some nice loose brush strokes, and a solid composition.
This one, from today, is the one for sale, directly below:

These are all watercolor on Arches Watercolor paper, sized at 12" x 18"
The following are interesting in that you can see how much "tighter" I was when I started.
Second and First Attempts. They "can" be for sale, but that's up to you.

Attempt Two

Not Available - TIC (Turned into Cards)

Attempt One

Not Available - TIC (Turned into Cards)

You can see how much fuller the first ones are. Not much breathing room there.
The strokes are more stiff also. The fall into the category of  "not bad, but..."

Thanks for looking!

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