Artist Statement

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bush in Blues - SOLD

Bush in Blues
Oil on Stretched Canvas, 16" x 20"
SOLD at $80 plus $10 shipping

A larger painting, in anticipation and as a study for a very large painting, thinking about the placement of the blooms and leaves.

Apple Buddies - SOLD

Apple Buddies
Oil on Stretched Canvas, 6" x 8"
SOLD at $30, includes shipping.

I have canvas again! Yay! Thanks to my dear cousin, H. who found some on sale at Utrecht and scooped up 20, count 'em, 20 canvases in various shapes and sizes. I wish you all "caring family" of your own, what a difference it makes (...and he treated me to dinner at Outback, does it get any better?)
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