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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lake Needwood - SOLD

January 6, 2007 Oil on Canvasboard 12" x 16" What odd weather, January and 70 degress today. A small group went to Lake Needwood and did some plein air painting this afternoon, and it felt great to be out in the sunshine. I was most interested in the light shining through the trees, and me without a visor hat today. Kept having to shade my eyes to see what I was painting. Winter colors are so beautiful. Thanks for looking.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Guacamole Fixin's - SOLD

Guacamole Fixin's Oil on Canvasboard 6" x 8" Sold. Guess what I'm eating as I type this? You got it, yummy guacamole. This one actually gave me some trouble, I had to wipe half of it away and start again. But I'm pleased with the end result, and the guac was good too. (And yes, I threw away the one that turned brown as I was painting, LOL. I had spares.) I am trying to paint more quickly, but so far it hasn't happened. Feeling like Dory, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming." Thanks for looking.

Apples on Orange Plate - SOLD

Apples on Orange Plate
Oil on Canvasboard 6" x 8"
The third apple painting, and I really like the way this one turned out. Working on small canvases really gives a painter the chance to focus keenly on the objects at hand. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Apple on Green Plate - NA

Oil on Canvasboard 6" x 8" Available. Quick small painting trying to make the apple look like a Delicious. Thanks for looking.

Apples in Sunlight - NA

Apples in Sunlight Oil on Canvasboard 8" x 10" Not Available.
Gorgeous spring-like day today, windows open, sweet fresh air. Set these apples in the sunlight this afternoon, flooding in on the table. Wonderful light to play with. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Naptime in October - SOLD

Naptime In October Oil on Canvasboard 12" x 16" Sold. This is larger than usual, because my paintbrushes wanted to play, and needed a little room. Nice to stretch out after the 6 x 8's and the 8 x 10's. Done from a photo I took in Massachusetts in October, a little neighborhood excursion while my daughter and the petite grands were napping one afternoon. The older two were in school. It was one of those spellbinding fall afternoons in New England. Ahh. This one went so quickly, and I'm pleased with the sunlit quality. Lots of Indian Yellow. Thanks for stopping in.
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Monday, January 01, 2007

Limes in White Bowl - SOLD

Limes in White Bowl Happy New Year! Oil on canvasboard 6" x 8" Sold. Another case of paint leftover, green at that, so another painting with green. I like this one a lot.
The addition of the red really makes the greens pop.Posted by Picasa

Limes In Blue Bowl - SOLD

Limes in Blue Bowl Oil on Canvasboard 6" x 8" Sold. I had so much fun with the lemons that I decided to add limes to the roster. The smell while I was painting was wonderful. Thanks for looking.
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Lemons in Blue Bowl - SOLD

Lemons in Blue Bowl Oil on Canvasboard 8" x 10" Sold. There was yellow paint leftover from the December 29th painting, and goodness knows, yellow paint is too dear to waste, so this one is the result. I'm really happy with it.
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Lemons One - SOLD

Lemons One Oil on Canvasboard 6" x 8" Sold. Luscious lemons in a white bowl, happy little painting. The second photo is a detail.
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Pears in Watercolor

Bosc Pears Watercolor on 140 pound Arches paper 9" x 14" Available at $25.00 including shipping. The attempt at a small oil of these pears on canvasboard was just dismal, so here's a watercolor instead. It will require losing some of the top of the image if it were to be matted and framed, hence the lower price. Thanks for looking.

Eggplants & Pepper Watercolor

Eggplant and Pepper Versions One and Two Watercolors on 140 pound Arches paper Version One, dark blue shadow, 11" x 13" Version Two, greyed shadow, 9" x 13" Available at $30.00 each, plus shipping. Detail of Version One shown. Please contact me at for questions or to purchase. Because it takes awhile for a watercolor layer to dry, I decided to do two at the same time, and since both were stretched on the same board, it was simply a matter of flipping the board around to work on one or the other. A technique that will work for me now. Wonder why I never thought of it before. Thanks for looking. Posted by Picasa

Lake Hollowell - SOLD

Lake Hollowell, Olney, Maryland Oil on Canvasboard 8" x 10" Available at $30.00 plus shipping. Although this one was done from a photo I took, I did spend a few muggly mornings at this small lake in Olney this past summer, doing plein air paintings. Very peaceful place, but for an occasional biker or jogger. I'll definitely go back. Thanks for stopping in. Posted by Picasa

Fruit Pie - SOLD

Fruit Pie, Home Slice Oil on Canvasboard 8" x 10" Sold. Now this is the size of a piece of fruit tart you might cut for yourself at home! Fun to paint.

Cupcakes Two - SOLD

Christmas Cupcakes Sold. Oil on Canvasboard 6" x 8" $30.00 plus shipping. I really like the way this one turned out, so much fun to paint.

Cupcakes One - SOLD

Cupcakes One Oil on Canvasboard 6" x 8" Sold at 30.00. The first of two small cupcake paintings, very fun to do. They are the same size, so a nice little possible set. Thanks for looking.

Chocolate Eclair - SOLD

Chocolate Eclair Oil on Canvasboard 8"x 10" Sold. First of the small daily paintings. I have managed to go ten days now doing one painting a day, and figured that was enough of a track record to give me an idea that I could do it. Hence the new blog. Always a thank you for checking in.
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