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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Orchard Road, Palette Knife - SOLD

Orchard Road, Palette Knife Oil on Canvas Panel, 11" x 14" SOLD at $50.00 plus shipping. Detail Below. The palette knife is a cool but tricky tool for painting. I wanted to show the trunk in detail, because it came out with such "magic" to it. Those happy accidents can happen with brushes too, but it's very different with the palette knife. I have no idea what I did that made this work so well. There is a lot of subtlety in this piece that doesn't show up in the photo, but by seeing the detail, you can imagine the kinds of things happening in the rest of the painting.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just a Pepper - SOLD

Just a Pepper Oil on Canvas Panel, 8" x 8" SOLD. I must admit that I reclaimed this from a painting that didn't sell, simply perking it up and changing the background. Like it much better now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pair of Purples - SOLD

Pair of Purples
Watercolor on 140 lb Arches paper, 13.5" x 21"
Detail is second photo.
Purple irises in watercolor, again. But I don't get tired of them. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just an Apple - SOLD

Just an Apple Oil on Linen Panel, 6" x 6" SOLD at $35.00 plus $5.00 shipping The 6" x 6" panels in linen that I bought are just sitting, since I can't seem to paint that small, so I thought to do a "Just an..." series, using these little ones up. This will be the first, just an apple. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Techniques Landscape - SOLD

Techniques Landscape Oil on Canvas Board, 16" x 20" SOLD at $65.00 plus $15.00 shipping. Detail Below This one is big, another reclaimed canvas (used to be sunflowers.) I was mainly interested in playing again with the palette knife technique to see if I could combine broken color painting, with splots and dots, with the palette knife work. I haven't yet figured out how to put color onto a canvas with a knife, but once it's there, I'm getting more of a feel for how to mush it around. The detail shows a bit of the combination of blending with the knife, and dotting with the brush. It's a fun way to paint, but really not exact. I don't think I'd attempt much but a landscape yet.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wild Blooming 2 - SOLD

Wild Blooming 2 Oil on Stretched Canvas, 10" x 10" SOLD at $45.00 plus shipping. I was having such a fine painting time with the one from yesterday that I decided to paint it again, smaller. So this is somewhat changed in composition, but basically the colors are the same. Sometimes I just like going with the flow.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wild Blooming - SOLD

Wild Blooming Oil on Canvas Panel, 12" x 12" SOLD at $65.00 plus shipping. I have always loved the photo I took of this wild spot in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Gone now, razed to the ground, but it must have been so beautiful in it's heyday. There was a lovely old Victorian house there too, which I painted as "Tattered Lady" but I'm sure that's gone as well. Anyway, I really am happy with the way this one turned out, the colors and shapes came together so well. Love it when a painting works!
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