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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brass Jug with Strawberries - SOLD

Brass Water Jug with Strawberries
Oil on Linen Panel, 5" x 7"

This one comes with a lovely little story. My dear cousin from Georgia, we'll just call her Bev, saw my excitement over my happy finds from the thrift store (egg smoosher, etc) and sent me a big box of wonderful treasures, all with precious little notes attached, telling about the items. This brass water jug she got from another cousin (HH) for her 17th birthday, and it's from India, where everyone used to carry them around. It has a great shape and a nice sheen. It's the first time I've tried anything brass; metal is a challenge...what color is brass?

Here are my new treasures! Thanks, Bev!
You'll be seeing some of these in future paintings!

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