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Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Day Our Daily - SOLD

This Day Our Daily Oil on Canvas Panel, 9" x 12" SOLD at $30.00 plus shipping. This isn't a very interesting painting, pretty simple, but I actually struggled with it. I loved it when it was a sketch on the canvas, but then I had to go and muck it up by trying to actually paint it. The colors were tricky too. But I will report that smelling it was lovely and I was careful not to get any paint or turps on it, so now we can eat it, yum.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

New England Landscape - NA

New England Landscape Oil on Canvas Board, 10" x 12' Gifted. Isn't this one a beauty? I really like it. Perhaps because I had to go so slowly on it today, which made me careful but not tight. This is the landscape I am using for our demo in Lesson 4 of the class I'm teaching starting next week. So I had to stop along the way and think about what I was doing and take lots of step-by-step photos of the progress. If there is one sure way to organize and articulate the mishmash of stuff you learn about a subject as you go along, it's to teach it. I am learning so much by organizing what I know, and sort of untangling it in order to teach it. It's a good thing.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tree Study on Orange - SOLD

Tree Study on Orange Oil on Stretched Canvas, 10" x 10" SOLD at $45.00 plus shipping. I have some colored gesso that I want to not waste, so this canvas has an undercoat of orange gesso. I really wanted to let more of the orange peek through in spots, but got carried away too soon, and so the orange only shows through in tiny touches. I do like working on a colored canvas though, really fun. I'll be doing more of it over the next few weeks.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tucked In - NA

Tucked In Oil on Canvas Board, 10" x 12" Not Available. The title on this one didn't occur to me until I was walking across the studio to photograph it. It reminded me a bit of small faces in a big bed, getting tucked in. Although I really didn't intend that, I just like painting the patterns.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Walnut Hill Afternoon Light - SOLD

Walnut Hill Afternoon Light Oil on Canvas Board, 8" x 16" Sold at $35.00 sale price.. Sometimes I like to go through some of my older paintings, and revise what looks good but may need some changes or touch ups. This one was posted last December and I've always liked it, but it was a bit intense. I've softened some of the colors, glazed here and there, and lowered the price. It wants a home!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Pears on Stripes - NA

Pears on Stripes Oil on Stretched Canvas, 9" x 12" Not Available. Someone had mentioned that they liked the striped and polka dot pieces, so I thought to do another one today. This canvas was slick though, I should have put a coat of gesso on it. Painting today was like ice skating on the canvas, everything was just slipping everywhere. Nobody said that every day would be easy.
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