Artist Statement

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Beautiful Bugs - SOLD

Beautiful Bugs
Watercolor, Ink, Colored Pencils on Italian Watercolor Paper
Sizes range from 2" x 2", to 5" x 4"

Since they are all in relatively accurate sizes compared to each other, (the bumblebee shows large here, but it's the smallest one of the group) I can see them as a grouping, either framed in one frame with separations in the matting, or in three small frames. Aren't they lovely? The dragonfly has a little sparkle in it, I used some watercolor shimmer medium there.

They do have a story behind them. My grandson Jimmy, when he was much younger (we're talking 2008) would collect dead bugs for me to draw, and when he would find them, he would put them on my "sacrificial paper plate," a paper plate dedicated to only dead bugs. Isn't that a fun little detail?

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