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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mieke's Lilacs NA

Mieke's Lilacs Watercolor and Pastel on Illustration Board, 22" x 30" Not Available. It's hard to tell from this photo, but this one has "presence" just by virute of it's size. In addition, I've used my pastels on top of the base watercolor, and the pastels tend to be super saturated, super rich color, very velvety. I clipped these from my Mieke's (daughter's) yard, since the first bouquet was quite wilted, so I had to give her credit for donating to the cause. Click on the image to see larger. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lilacs Watercolor

Lilacs Watercolor Watercolor on 140 lb CP Paper, image size 16" x 22" Paper size 22.5" x 30" Available at $90.00 plus $10.00 shipping. A loose watercolor of a nice bunch of lilacs, some clipped from my daughter's bushes, and some from the yard of my favorite abandoned farmstead. My daughter calls them my "contraband lilacs" and joked that since my clippers are red, I could get caught "red handed." Thanks for looking.

Five at Thirty

Goss Hill View 1, Oil, 10" x 10" Goss Hill View 2, Oil, 10" x 10" - SOLD Creek Scene, Oil on Stretched Canvas, 10" x 10" Orchard Landscape, Oil, 10" x 12" - SOLD Maple Trees, Oil, 12" x 12" - SOLD Moving Sale Continued: the following are offered at $30.00 each plus $10.00 shipping. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Royal Darks - SOLD

Royal Darks Watercolor on 140 lb Rough Paper, image size 12.75" x 19.75" SOLD at $125.00, includes shipping. I did the leaves on this one with the wet-and-drop color technique, but after a couple of petals, realized that this technique doesn't work so well for dark colors. So it's a combination of techniques, (paint and lift for the petals) done from one of the photos I've taken over the years. Click to see larger. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Donuts on Blue - SOLD

Donuts on Blue Oil on Canvas Panel, 8" x 10" SOLD at $50.00 plus shipping.

This one was up for sale on January 16, 2008. I couldn't figure what was wrong with it, but decided to clean it up and change the background. Like it much better now, thanks for looking.

Moving Sale Set Three - SOLD

Grey Sky Landscape, Oil, 8" x 10" - SOLD Backyard View, Oil, 10" x 12" - SOLD Marsh Scene, Oil, 8" x 10" - SOLD Cantaloupe, Oil, 8" x 8", SOLD Apple Reflection, Oil, 6" x 8" , SOLD

 Another five oils that I'm including in the $20.00 category. I think this will be the last of the $20.00 plus shipping paintings. I'll be posting a set of five at $30.00 plus shipping within the next couple of days. Thanks to everyone who has been stepping up to buy my sale pieces.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Watercolor Bouquet - SOLD

Watercolor Bouquet Watercolor on 300 lb CP Paper, 16" x 22.5" SOLD at $25.00 plus shipping, ebay auction I tried for the "airy and full" feeling of the bouquet, which is still lovely. And I tried to use the drop and drift technique which I'm liking a lot. Thanks for looking, and happy Memorial Day, everyone.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Two Lilies - SOLD

Two Lilies Oil on Canvas Board, 12" x 16" SOLD at $65.00 plus shipping. This is one of those odd paintings. Usually I can step away from a work in progress, and when I return, I can tell what's what: whether I like it, what it might need, where to make changes, etc. This one, however, kept me baffled. I liked it, then didn't. The petals looked too dark, then they didn't. I do like the rough background on it. See what you think. At any rate, the lilies smell wonderful! Thanks for looking. (Revised: 5/27/08, lightened petals.)
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