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Sunday, March 01, 2020

Handmade Watercolor Cards - SOLD

What to do?
I "think" loose and splashy, and then I paint tight, LOL.
There must be a way to transition somewhere. Maybe the trick is being willing to "waste" a lot of watercolor paper with experiments?

At any rate, here are some quite nice watercolor note cards for you.
There are 6 in the set at $5.00 each, with envelopes and cellophane wraps.

So many of my "people" have confessed that they are reluctant to send these out, hoarding them instead. Now THAT'S a Compliment!

And some "portraits:"

(I ate them, they were good!)

Looks like I missed the sunflowers and the carnations...oh, well, you get the idea.
If you are interested in the set, please let me know at, and your cost will be a total (with shipping) of  $35.00. Thanks for looking!



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