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Friday, June 29, 2012

Waterfall - SOLD

Oil on Stretched Canvas, 16" x 20"
SOLD at $55 plus $12 shipping.

Yes, you've seen this one before. I still wanted to make some changes, so this is the final version (rocks and foliage are changed), and I won't do anything more to it. (Famous last words, right?) At least I don't plan to make any more changes to it. The price is reduced, so it's a lot of painting for this price.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Lovely Greens of Summer - SOLD

The Lovely Greens
Acrylics on Stretched Canvas, 8" x 8"
SOLD at $30.00, includes shipping.
Detail below.

One thing that acrylics do so very well is layering. You can keep adding layers all day. Change the color a little bit, add more leaves, change it again, keep right on going....Isn't this fun?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Towpath and Lock, Great Falls - SOLD

 Towpath and Lock, Great Falls
Oil on Stretched Canvas, 16" x 20"
SOLD at Ebay auction for $30 plus shipping..
Detail Below

A couple of new paintings

Brookside Frog Pond
Oil on Stretched Canvas, 12" x 12"
SOLD at $45.00 plus $7.00 shipping.

Bowl of Cherries
Oil on  Canvas Panel, 8" x 10"
Available at $35.00 plus $7.00 shipping.

Two other pieces done while we had no Internet, and that means no online Scrabble for me, and no distracting TV either. So I did my "yucky" chore (washing brushes) and spent lots of time painting.

These two actually look better in real life, the photos don't really do them justice.

Towpath and Lock, Great Falls

Towpath and Lock, Great Falls
Oil on Stretched Canvas, 16" x 20"
Available at $125.00, includes shipping.
Detail Below.

My landlady and friend, Carol, took pity on me, (being stranded with my dead car), and invited me to go along on Saturday to Great Falls with her. We walked for about an hour, and oh, did I get some nice photos. The above is from a photo taken on the canal towpath. I think some of the locks actually work, as there's a boat that goes down a few. 
Below some shots of the falls.

 (Taken from one of the foot bridges.)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Little Cherry Diptych - SOLD

Little Cherry Diptych
Oil on Tiny Stretched Canvases, 4" x 4" by about 1/2 "
SOLD as a set, $25.00 includes shipping.
Detail of Right Side (sorry for the glare)

I saw these tiny little canvases in Michael's and thought they were so cute. Perfect for cherries. I am painting the edges, so you could sit these, unframed, on a couple of those tiny little easels, if you'd a mind to.

The cherries were another matter. In your grocery store, do they make you buy a big bag, instead of having loose cherries that you can pick and weigh? Here at our Giant, you have to buy 2 pounds in a plastic bag to get any cherries at all. Irksome, I think. But I shared with my neighbor.

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