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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Orange Pepper - SOLD

Orange Pepper
6" x 8"
Oil on Canvas Board
A little series of matching sized peppers. I still have red and yellow in the refrigerator, so you can guess where this is going. Thanks for looking.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Green Pepper - SOLD

Green Pepper 6" x 8" Oil on Canvasboard Sold.
A lovely, smooth and shiny pepper. I loved the way the sunshine just peeked through the bumps on the bottom of this pepper, so quick grabbed it before the light changed. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hillside Barn at Butler's Orchard - SOLD

Hillside Barn at Butler's
Oil on Stretched Canvas
18" x 18"
There is a high-point hill at the orchard, where kids can slide on burlap bags during the pumpkin festival; to the side is the corn maze which looked like fun too. We met there to paint, but I liked the look at the bottom of the hill, where the barn was just peeking over the hillside. Another finish up painting, but I'm pleased to offer it. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

November Maryland - SOLD

November Maryland
Oil on Stretched Canvas
18" x 18"
I'm so glad I pulled this one out of the trash painting pile (sitting in our little foyer ready to go to the dumpster). I was hesitating about it, and decided to toss it, then hmm, changed my mind. I added the path, opened up the sky, added more background, and voila! a painting I really like now. Thanks for looking.

Small Hydrangea - SOLD

Small Hydrangea
10" x 12"
Oil on Canvasboard
Sold at $30.00 plus shipping.
This one was painted in my friend Barb's studio, clipped from her neighbor's bush. It has an overall more "warm" tone than the one from yesterday, probably because it was painted indoors. I'm pricing the smaller "finish-up" paintings at $30.00 because they are part of the learning group. Thanks for looking.

Red Maple - SOLD

Red Maple
12" x 16"
Oil on Canvasboard.
Sold at $30.00 plus shipping.
They say you should go plein air painting in pairs, at least, but for this one I went alone, and while I was there, I surprised some deer in the abandoned barn. I think they scared me more than I scared them, and I found out they make a huffing sound up close. Another finish-up painting. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hydrangeas - SOLD

Oil on Gessoed Masonite
14" x 16"
When they say not to paint in direct and brilliant sunlight, it's advice to be heeded. I painted this one in the full sun, it's a gorgeous bush, with blues, pinks and lavenders all in the same bush. The neighbor lady was tickled that I was painting in front of her place, she kept coming out to check on progress. The colors, however, were way too bright in all that sunshine. So today I sat down and finished it up, softened the colors, and am pleased with it, all in all. Thanks for looking.

Fake Flowers - SOLD

Fake Flowers
8" x 10"
Oil on Canvasboard
A little still life study that originally had two big mangos in the foreground, which didn't really sit well with the blues and greens. I painted them out, pulled out one of the stems and popped it in place of the mangos. Much better now. I like how brilliant the left side blues look against a dark background. Thanks for looking.

Red Fields - SOLD

Red Field at Butler's 12" x 16" Oil on Canvasboard Sold. A finish again today, three in fact. I was attracted to the "grace" of this hillside, but didn't finish it the day we were painting out in the fields. Now it is! Thanks for looking.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Lake Hollowell Larger - SOLD

Lake Hollowell
18" x 24"
Oil on Stretched Canvas
While it's snowing out, this was a pleasant painting to finish up. I had started it last summer and never finished it. It's from the same photo as the smaller version, minus the ducks. I was concentrating on trying to show the shallow water at the edge of the lake, and how you can see the silty bottom through the water. It's a larger painting than usual, and on stretched canvas. Doesn't it feel tranquil? Thanks for looking.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Abandoned in Clarksburg - SOLD

Abandoned in Clarksburg
Oil on Canvasboard
12" x 16"
There's something about abandoned houses...who lived there, what does the inside look like, what's in there anyway, what if that old house could talk, what stories would it tell? This one is pretty textured and loose. Thanks for looking.
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