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Friday, March 28, 2014

Lemons on Colored Paper - SOLD

Lemons on Colored Paper
Oil on Stretched Canvas, 8" x 8"
SOLD at $20 plus $8 shipping.

It was fun to have my models in a different place today. I dragged in a short outdoor plastic table, showered it, and added boxes for height. Good to shake things up a little.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Riverside in Spring Green - SOLD

Riverside in Spring Green
Oil on Stretched Canvas, 9" x 12"
SOLD at $20 plus $8 shipping, click HERE to purchase.

This one is a revision of  "Waiting for Green" from the other day (see below). I DO trust my collectors to spot a painting that "doesn't quite" and pass by it. I think this is much more fun, more colorful, more cohesive.

This is what it looked like before revisions:

Better, yes?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thinking Spring - SOLD

Thinking Spring
Oil on Stretched Canvas, 12" x 12"
SOLD at $22 plus $10 shipping.
Click here to purchase directly thru DPW.

I need new reference material. Once my car is working again, I can get out, cruise around for some photos, find some good plein air spots, get some new scenes to paint. Meanwhile, this one is just made up, with thoughts of green and warm and Spring.

Woodland - SOLD

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 12" x 12" x 1.5"
SOLD at $35 plus $10 shipping.
Detail Below of left side of canvas
All sides, top and bottom are painted as extensions of the painting, so no frame is needed.
This is an older piece, and it thought for a moment that it was going to England, but the shipping was too high. Now I've lowered the price, so we'll see where it lands up.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lemons - SOLD

Oil on Stretched Canvas, 8" x 8"
SOLD at $20 plus $8 shipping.

Completely revised today, the little lemon painting from March 3.
Much better now, I think. It looked like this before:

Monday, March 24, 2014

Seascape, Four Tube Challenge - SOLD

Four Tube Challenge
Oil on Stretched Canvas, 9" x 12"
SOLD at $20 

The challenge looked pretty interesting this week, and I liked the reference photo provided. The four tubes of paint we were allowed: Phthalo Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cadmium Red and White.
I liked some of the colors you can get with just these few choices, but the browns were tough to get right.

Waiting for Green - NA

Waiting for Green
Oil on Stretched Canvas, 9" x 12"
Not Available, Revised on 3/27/14.

A little landscape, with thoughts of spring greens.
...while snow is expected again tonight and tomorrow morning.

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