Artist Statement

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lay of the Land

Lay of the Land 8" x 10", Oil on Canvas board Available at $50.00 plus shipping. I worked awhile on the Sunset painting (wip, below), but since it wasn't going to be dry enough to finish, painted this little summer field landscape to post today. It's a view along Route 57, right outside Barre, with bushes in bloom. Thanks for looking.

Habor Island Shoreline 1

Work in Progress, Oil on Canvasboard, 8" x10" Harbor Island beach, SC This one needs to dry awhile before I can finish it up. I still want to straighten the horizon line, and repaint the largest house. But thought I'd post it anyway. Let me know what you think.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sweet Gullah Country - SOLD

Sweet Gullah Country 10" x 10". Oil on Canvas Board Sold Back from our three week excursion, having spent time in the Blue Ridge mountains, the Smokies, and finally at the beach in South Carolina, where we heard about the Gullah culture. What a sweet part of the country, with it's marshes and islands, just beautiful. My clever sil made a dish with fresh shrimp called "low country boil" or Frogmore Stew, which has its origins in this area. This little painting is a representation of the views you see when driving around in the "low country". For a bit of information about the Gullah culture, look here: Thanks for looking.
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