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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blue Hydrangea '08 - SOLD

Blue Hydrangea '08 Oil on Canvas Board, 12" x 16" SOLD at $100.00 plus shipping. Early this morning I was notified with screams that the little one, Katie, aged 2, had gotten into my paints. Oh my, did she ever. She had wandered downstairs and proceeded to sit in my painting chair and work on this painting, and herself, and everything else within range of the brushes. Her clothes had to be trashed. She had to be cleaned up with OMS (arms, hands, legs, belly, ears, cheeks) and then a bath, and the palette looked like someone had done a fingerpainting. Oh, yeah, somebody had! So I had HELP with this one. But didn't it turn out beautifully? Thanks for looking.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Line Up - SOLD

The Line Up Oil on Canvas Board, 10" x 12" SOLD at $60.00 plus shipping. Yesterday I noticed how nice a little scene there was outside the basement door, where we had lined up the pansies I've been painting, waiting to be planted. I took my new hydrangea out and put it on the little wall with the rest, and pulled up one of the lawn chairs this afternoon during naps. There were good strong shadows, and the pots all showed up so nice. I didn't quite capture the color of the shadow of the cement wall here, but it's still a fresh little piece for someone. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jonquils Abstracted - SOLD

Jonquils Abstracted Oil on Canvas Board, 6" x 8" SOLD at $65.00 plus shipping. This one is my personal favorite. I just took a big brush, loaded it with paint, and swished. It's clean and fresh, and it says "daffodils" to me. It's more of a suggestion of jonquils than a drawing, but maybe that's why I am really pleased with it, and happy to show it off. Thanks for looking.

Jonquils Three - SOLD

Jonquils Three Oil on Canvas Board, 12" x 16" SOLD at $50.00 plus shipping. I'm getting closer to having some daffodils I like. The colors are closer, the forms more correct. A couple of them really please me. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Iris in Watercolor Pencil - SOLD

Iris in Watercolor Pencil Watercolor Pencil on 300 lb Richeson Paper, 11" x 15" SOLD at $60.00 plus shipping. I've been saving this study done for the last online class given by Kate Johnson, for a rainy day. Although it didn't rain today, it was another struggle with jonquils, which I'm determined to tackle again tomorrow. But for now, I'm glad to have something to post for today. The paper is actually more white than this shows, but the photo was taken in warm bulb light. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Farm Stuff

Farm Stuff Oil on Canvas Board, 12" x 16" Available at $65.00 plus shipping. You'll have to click on this one to really see it. Something about the upload to blogger wouldn't work until I went really small with it. I do like the ahpe of the composition on this one, the two lines of dark against the light. This was done from a photo I still had of a road side at Butler's Orchard in Maryland. There were all sorts of farm vehicles and assorted equipment parked there in the shade, and it was just an appealing scene. Thanks for looking.

Daffodils, the Second Attempt

Daffodils, the Second Attempt Oil on Canvas Board, 6" x 8" Available at $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping. This may not look like it, but I spent a lot of time on this little painting today. I researched how other artists I admire handle yellow flowers, and tried to mix some good shadow colors. It's better, but when I was outside I noticed that the daffs in the yard actually have a greenish tint to them, the yellow is actually quite cool. Here is maybe my problem, that I'm confusing the color temperature. Worth another try, maybe tomorrow. Thanks for looking.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hillside in New Green SOLD

Hillside in New Green Oil on Canvas Board, 12" x 16" SOLD at $85.00 plus shipping. A plein air painting that feels better. I found this spot because I was checking out a pond, and found this spot as well. Got to see a couple of wild turkeys here, too. Great day to be out painting, and what struck me most about this scene was the wonderful green of new grass growing.Thanks for looking.

Mieke's Jonquils SOLD

Mieke's Jonquils Oil on Canvas Board, 8" x 16" SOLD at $40.00 plus shipping. The flowers are so beautiful, just perfect. However, I haven't really gotten the hang of painting them. For some reason, the shading eludes me still. Yellow is just plain tough. But I'll keep plugging away at it. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ware Riverbank, Hardwick

Ware Riverbank, Hardwick Oil on Canvas Board, 10" x 12" Available at $65.00 plus shipping. Today after church, I was off to paint, and wound up in Hardwick at a public canoe access and fishing spot. This is the Ware River, and there's also a town by that name. We have a standing joke here that goes something like, "Did you go to Ware?" "Where?" "Ware." "Where?"and yes, you get the drift, since they are pronounced the same. There's not much green yet, spots of it here and there, some red tints in the treetops. It's coming. Sure was nice to sit by the river and watch the fishing and walking today. Thanks for looking.

Fishing the Ware

Fishing the Ware Oil on Canvas Board, 10" x 12" Available at $50.00 plus shipping. This one got a little busy, what with folks along the water, fishing, and the movement of the river, but it has it's own bit of charm. Thanks for looking.

Water Study SOLD

Water Study Oil on Canvas Board, 12" x 16" SOLD at $75.00 plus shipping. Taking another crack at reflections. Thanks for looking.
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