Monday, September 03, 2007

Backyard Serenity - SOLD

Backyard Serenity
Oil on Canvas board, 12" x 16"
 I'm studying greens, can you tell? I feel like I put too much yellow in most of my greens, so I'm trying to correct that. This grass is much better also. And yes, this really is the backyard here at my daughter's home. On another note, I was awarded a "Creative Blogger Award" by Helen Read, whose web site is here:, and that's very cool. Now I get to pick five creative friends to mention and send awards to. Isn't that fun? Thanks for looking.


n warner said...

Congratulations on your Creative Award! You deserve it! Nina

bj said...

I've admired your artwork for awhile now. I love the free brushwork and lively colors.

Jana Bouc said...

Your daughter's backyard looks like a beautiful park! I really like the shadows of the trees on the grass and the colors in the grass too.

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