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Sunday, July 04, 2021

Oranje Bove - SOLD

 Hey there. Happy Fourth, and one of my very favorite holidays! Hope that you are celebrating and enjoying the day in your own fashion and with some good peeps. And super weather!

God Please Bless America, our beautiful land.

This one is for all my Dutchies out there, and I expect that they will be the only ones who "get" the nuances of the expression in Dutch. Celebrating my American citizenship, and our country and my sweet Dutch heritage, all at the same time. Hope you Hollanders like it!

Oranje Boven
Mixed Media on MDF Board, 12" x 12"
Available at $45 plus $12 shipping

Detail, Top Right

If you find yourself interested in this one, just shoot me an email to stake your claim, as it were:

Thanks for looking!

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