Thursday, August 13, 2009

Katie Grace in Progress

Katie Grace in Progress
Oil on Stretched Canvas, 11" x 14"
I generally don't show a WIP, but today I worked hard on this and didn't get done. Wanted to post it anyway. If it turns out to be enough of a likeness to my grandaughter, it will be a birthday present for my daughter. I also don't generally solicit critiques from you all, but if you can see what needs fixing or changing (there's a lot, I know), and feel like commenting, that would be great. The reference photo is included. Isn't she precious?


n warner said...

Although I am not a painter, I just observe what I see, you are very close to her likeness. I see her right cheek (your painting - looking at it) is a bit wider than it actually that creates a little extra distortion. Katie's left eye (pictured) is painted so you see the whites of it...but as she is photographed, it is not showing white (by her nose)... She's got a beguiling little smile
and i think you captured it.
The photo looks more shaded than your painting, so that affects the overall volume...Those are my observations. Just trying to help!
Am sure your daughter will love it!


Courtney at SL's No Ennui said...

You captured amazing light in her beautiful blonde hair! And I love the tone of her skin, although in the photo she seems more porcelain-toned than in the painting? I also love that you put her in white. She looks SO angelic! Her mouth seems to be thinner in the photo than in the painting??? Amazing job for a portrait. I could NEVER do such an amazing portait--especially not of a little one I know so well!

Courtney at SL's No Ennui said...

After studying it a second time. I think the mouth is okay-- maybe just a slimming of the face???

Again, amazing likeness. I would not have noticed any needed improvements had you not asked-- the only reason I have noticed any is because I went back and studied it!

Paintdancer said...

She is adorable and you are doing a great job. Since you asked, here is what I see:
If I am correct the way you've painted the mouth is too long at the left bottom lip. It needs to be thinner. Also watch the right eye inside corner. The bottom of the eye is off a bit at the right inside corner-it needs to come down a hair. Also, the white of the eye here is in shadow, so make the white on the inside a shadow color rather than a light. Her cheek is a little too ample on the right side. Also the hair needs to move forward more over the eye, if you really want to follow the picture.
I enjoy portraits, too, but they are a little nerve wracking- especially if you are trying to capture a loved one.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nel, A good start. Her mouth is similar to an adult woman's mouth rather than the simplicity of a child's mouth - and I agree, if her skin color was changed to her actual color, a much greater likeness could be obtained - her eyes, as photographed, are quieter, as is her hair in the photo. The little one in the painting is full of energy, whereas the photo seems to depict a more towards shy little person. So, I think what is mainly missing is the personality as shown in the photo. But, only you know. Quite an undertaking!! Proud of you! Claudia-Marie

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