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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Peaches on Blue - SOLD

Peaches on Blue
Oil on Canvas mounted on masonite
6" x 9.5"
Sold at $20.00 plus shipping.

Since the kids want to eat these peaches, better get done with them. Here's a quick one on scrap board from Home Depot, using up what I have before the move to Louisiana. I have a ways to go on doing drapery, it's harder than you'd think. But I do like the peaches. Thanks for looking.


Livs lerreter og annet said...

Your painting is beautiful. The one yesterday also. I have to go in an check every day to see if I am attracted to one special. I just started my own blog with my paintings, but it is written in Norwegian.

wanda knight said...

Nel, Your peaches are wonderful!!! You have captured them so that I can almost taste them. I also enjoy painting peaches but can't find them in my local grocery right now.

Margie said...

Your colors keep getting richer! And the cropping is very nice; not easy to arrange four, but you did.

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