Saturday, April 04, 2009

Night Lilies - SOLD

Night Lilies Oil on Canvas Mounted on Board, 16" x 15 7/8" SOLD at $100.00, shipping included to US Detail Below. It would seem that I am having a run of white florals. But they are so popular, and when you want to sell paintings, there is a certain consideration to what's selling, so.... here we have a larger version from my fake lilies. Not all canvas is the same. (Like the vast differences in watercolor paper.) I used a new roll of canvas, don't even remember where I ordered it from, to cover this board, and it was such a struggle to get this right today. The canvas was actually slippery, slick, and didn't want to hang on to the paint. So lots of careful "going over" and gentle, feather light blending. But finally...yes, I like it. The next time I use this canvas, I'll gesso on top of the finish first.

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