Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sky Puddles - SOLD

Sky Puddles
Oil on Canvas mounted on board 9" x 10"
Sold at $40.00 plus shipping.

The road in front of my daughter's house this past week. During a break in the rain, sleet and sogginess, I grabbed my camera to shoot a few photos of the wonderful view down the road, and these terrific puddles. The rock walls are everywhere on this road, and the lichen on the trees is an artist's delight. The grandkids think it's pretty cool that their front yard view is on the internet. Thanks for looking.


Anonymous said...

The reflection in the puddles is amazing Nel!


Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

Wow! Stephanie's right. I feel like I'll get my fingers wet if I touch the puddles in the picture on my computer screen ... absolutely beautiful!

crystal said...

How and where did you learn to paint puddles and water? You are an inspiration.

Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

Hi Nel...I'd really like to buy this one, it's lovely. I can smell spring on the way--I especially love days like that, hovering on the brink of change.

How do we go about the particulars? Thanks!


Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

My painting came and it's even more beautiful in person! The colors are rich and vibrant...what a joy! Thank you!


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