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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Woods on Red Ground - SOLD

Woods on Red Ground
Oil over Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 11" x 14"
SOLD at $30 plus $8 shipping.
Click here to Buy Now thru DPW.

Here is a close up detail of the palette knife stroke:

This one started out as a lesson in acrylics for my private student, Kelly, yesterday. I wanted to show her how you could use a solid color (red in this case) as an undercoat, and let bits of the color show through.
Today I decided to paint over it with a palette knife, and sometimes that's just right. Using the very tip of a palette knife is almost like drawing with a pencil, there's so much control, and you can get such nice  variations, and color shifts. Isn't this one nice, in site of it being out of season?

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