Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lily for Easter - SOLD

Lily for Easter Oil on Canvas Mounted on Board, 16" x 16" (approx.) SOLD at $100.00, includes shipping. There was such a response to the Night Lily I did that I am doing a couple more. Not all in a row, but eventually. This seemed appropriate too, for Easter. May it be a blessed day for you, of celebration of the Lord's goodness to us, and His victory over death. I wonder if the angels in Heaven celebrate the day? Or is it Easter every day there?


LSaeta said...

I can see why this one sold ... it is gorgeous! Glad to have found your blog! Very nicely done.

Flora Giddens said...

Nel,this is beautiful!Did you do your own canvas mounting on the board?If so, what glue did you use?Flora

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