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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sunflowers on Black - SOLD

Sunflowers on Black Acrylic on Watercolor paper, 140 pound Richeson, 11" x 14.5" Sold at sale price of $35.00. I really like the look of these rugged sunflowers, so when I saw them at the grocery store, I decided to try painting them again. I have been reading through some of my artbooks, and came across a terrific artist named Barbara Buer who uses acrylics are watercolors, so I wanted to try it. This is an experimental piece, but I like the drama. Thanks for looking.


Helen Read said...

Sunflowers! These are lovely!

The Victorious place said...

I love the flowers. Actualy I love your work. The color just sings.
Have a questian. How do you get the bible vs for the day from biblegateway on your site?

O Yes. Thank you for your fine comment at my site.

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