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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Touch of Gold - Revised and SOLD

Touch of Gold 16" x 20" on Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas Revised and SOLD. (See December 30, 2008) The gallery wrap on this one is 1.5", buyer to specify color for the wrap. No frame necessary. This was an older painting that I really liked. I was especially happy with the way the top of the trees are in the light, and the shadow is falling across the bottoms. I revised it, changed a few things and am offering it again. When I bought this canvas, I didn't know what "Gallery Wrap" was, and thought it was just an extra deep canvas. So the wrapped edges were not painted, and can be painted to fit with the buyer's decor in whatever color of your choice. I've been told so many times over the past few months that my prices are too low, in spite of the fact that I've been slowly raising them. I got some coaching about this from a fellow daily painter, who does awesome work, Jimmy Longacre, who tells me that one professional way to go is by assigning a $/per square inch base price with fluctuation for size. Then once you have a base price for the size, there's a 5% slide on either side for complexity and difficulty level. It DOES make sense. new pricing structure, very mathematical (I won't tell you how much time I spent with the calculator) is basically this: $1.00 per square inch is my base. Smaller pieces go up to $1.40, and the larger pieces go down to $.60 per inch. A couple of examples, small, medium and large: 5" x 7" = 35 in. x 1.40 per inch= $49.00, slide is $46 to $52 10" x 12" = 120 in. x 1.00 per inch= $120.00, slide is $114 to $126 30" x 32" = 960 in. x .60 per inch= $576.00, slide is $547 to $604 The smaller pieces stay more of less in my current range, but my larger ones will certainly be more. For example, tomorrow this painting posted would be priced at (base of $.80 for 16" x 20") $250. (The slide is $243 to $269). I really don't think this is exhorbitant, and I can't imagine anyone minding paying $.80 per inch of work for a painting. So you see, this one is a "deal." Thanks for looking, and thanks for the patronage, always.

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