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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Soft Pansies - NA

Soft Pansies / Diptych
6" x 8" each piece, 8" x 12" total
Not Available, Gone in for Revision.

These will be sold together, and are intended to be framed side by side. However, the buyer of the set may certainly decide to hang them separatedly as well. They will work independently. Thanks for looking, and thanks to Jill for the photos of her pansies. Aren't they delicate?

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Shanti Marie said...

Hi I'm Shanti Marie, a fellow dp artist, I really love your work.

The porcelin bowl is just wonderful and your flowers are super. Would you consider a trade? I am collecting various dp artis's work and creating ( in my house) a wall of paintings from dp artists. So far I only have six, but yours would make a great inclusion in the installation. Also when folks come by, their curious about the dp artists and the paintings are a good conversation starter and it's a great way to network. If not I understand. Some of our prices are similar and that makes it a bit easier.
You'll have to go to my gallery on dp to get a look back at all the umsold paintings as this week I've been posting larger daily works.
Let me know
Shanti Marie

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