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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Red Pears with Pumice Gel - SOLD

Red Pears with Pumice Gel Acrylic on Canvas Board, painted with Pumice Gel, 8" x 10" Available at $60.00 plus shipping. On 24 hour HOLD. I ordered the wrong pumice gel from the art supply store, and decided to try it out anyway. I wanted the fine, but ordered the coarse. I've tried the fine before, and it doesn't really show in the acrylic paint, just adds body. As you can see from the photo, the coarse pumice does show, but it also adds interest. Thanks for looking.


quirkyartist said...

Wow. This is so lush! I am an acrylic painter too, but I never heard of pumice gel. I don't think we have it here. It looks GREAT.

PAT MEYER -- said...

You created great drama in this piece with the colors. Congrats, Pat Meyer fine art

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