Friday, December 07, 2007

Crown Farm with Truck - SOLD

Crown Farm with Old Truck - SOLD
12" x 16", Oil on Canvas board
Sometimes it's fun to go back and paint the same images again, after a time. I had a request awhile ago from the children of the man who recently bought the old truck, and these folks are friends of the owners of Crown Farm. They had wanted the original painting, which was sold. So here's the painting again, and it's kind of neat to see how much easier this one was for me, after 7 extra months of painting since the first one:
posted on April 29th this year.
I think I've improved a lot.
They tell me that the farm is being parcelled and the buildings are coming down. Sad, that, since it was the last working farm in Gaithersburg, and marks the end of an era there.
Thanks everyone, for looking.

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Jana Bouc said...

They're both lovely but I definitely see how the 7 months of practice adding to your fluency. The new painting is absolutely magical!

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