Friday, June 29, 2007

Lashaway Lake / Palette Knife

Lashaway Lake / Palette Knife painting 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas board Available at $55.00 plus shipping

detail of knife work on trees

I was challenged by one of the subsrcibers to try more palette knife painting, so this is one I worked on last night and this morning. A knife in the hands of a master is an awesome tool, but I don't have the command of it, and find that there are aspects of it I like and some I really don't. You really have to work with it awhile to have control, I think. The water was hard, but I enjoyed "mushing" the trees and slopping the paint around for the shore. The little boats were awkward at best.

I went to a new blog this morning, and if you want a real insight into the working thoughts of a fine painter, who is funny and forthcoming about the struggles of getting a painting to turn out well, check out Robin Weiss and his work here:

His work is wonderful, and the reading is really fun.

This is the last oil painting I'll be posting for awhile, as I am accompanying the family on their vacation to help out with kids. I plan to sketch and do little watercolors on the trip, but of course, no oils or posting after Monday. Thanks as always for looking, and for your encouraging comments.

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