Thursday, June 28, 2007

Garden Watercolor - SOLD

Garden Watercolor 13" x 20", 300 lb Arches rough paper Sold at $35.00 plus shipping. A somewhat subdued watercolor after all the bright colors of oil paints. Another hazy summer day in Massachusetts, painting this morning with Sarah in her garden. Thanks for looking.


silvina said...

Hello Nel,

I followed your link from Robin Weiss' blog. I like your work. Especially the figure drawings of January, on your other blog. Really excellent.

blh said...

I was idly going through this artist's blog, since I had never done so before nor had I even bought from her, when I ran across this painting. I bought it immediately! What I love about it are its colors and its lack of specificity. One can see the plants as trees in a forest or in a garden or as coral or weeds growing on the ocean's floor. I am probably unusual because I normally prefer the extremes of either highly detailed and realistic paintings or paintings that are vague and that have a spiritual or mystical appearance and "feel". I also occasionally like a painting that visually makes what I feel is an important point. No middle ground for me in the paintings that I especially love and in this painting the artist has given me a gorgeous scene that I can interpret in so many enjoyable and even wonderful ways! Thank you!

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