Sunday, March 01, 2020

Handmade Watercolor Cards - SOLD

What to do?
I "think" loose and splashy, and then I paint tight, LOL.
There must be a way to transition somewhere. Maybe the trick is being willing to "waste" a lot of watercolor paper with experiments?

At any rate, here are some quite nice watercolor note cards for you.
There are 6 in the set at $5.00 each, with envelopes and cellophane wraps.

So many of my "people" have confessed that they are reluctant to send these out, hoarding them instead. Now THAT'S a Compliment!

And some "portraits:"

(I ate them, they were good!)

Looks like I missed the sunflowers and the carnations...oh, well, you get the idea.
If you are interested in the set, please let me know at, and your cost will be a total (with shipping) of  $35.00. Thanks for looking!




Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Would really like to see you paint gladiolas, cherry blossoms and landscape sunsets.

Nel Jansen said...

Great ideas, now you have me thinking about cherry blossoms.
That sounds inviting! Thanks! Nel

Melinda said...

I'm always too late to get one of your sets, but I'm sure I'd have a hard time using them.

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