Friday, September 27, 2019

Dear Hamus. Regards from Edith.

Dear Hamus. Regards from Edith.
A Flavor of Nostalgia
Mixed Media on MDF Board, 14" x 14"
Available at $75 plus $10 shipping

Detail of Crackle Area at the top

Detail of Edith's beautiful handwriting

This one started life as an assignment from the wonderful class I've been taking, called "Soulful Abstracts," taught by a wonderful French artist and teacher, Laly Mille. The assignment was called Layers of Time, and the idea and inspiration was an old papered and plastered wall. I found other things that wouldn't be found on a wall...a lovely note in an old book, some paper doilies, magazine clippings, a page from a book about love, an old graphics newspaper, and some blue striped wrapping paper. Collage and paint, and loads of time. I'm pretty happy with it.

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