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Saturday, July 06, 2019

World Watercolor Month Watercolors - SOLD

A few more watercolors, mostly exploring a looser style.

Note: The NA means that I probably gave them away or TIC (Turned into Cards)

Yellow Floral
NA, 7.9" x 7.9" (20cm x 20cm)

Loose Iris First Iteration
NA, 9" x 12"

Loose Iris Second Iteration - SOLD
9" x 12"

The yellow one was just splashing color, then figuring out how to refine it. Probably better to go at it with something a little more definite in mind.

For the irises; the first one was done painting more in my usual style, but then softening as I went. Some parts I like quite a bit (mostly the leaves), and some not so much. The second one I did was with pale splashes of color wet-in-wet, then let that dry and paint on top. I lost my purples to the green dried washes. So the color isn't as nice, but again, there are some bits that I like (the leaves and the top iris.) 

If you would like to have any of these watercolors, just send an email to me at
...and the watercolors continue.

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