Sunday, July 12, 2015

The State of My Studio

The State of My Studio

You never really can predict what might happen next. Yesterday, without advance notice, another couple moved into the trailer here. (The young niece of the man I was housekeeping for, and her boyfriend.) It was arranged about a month ago without my knowledge. I was told on Tuesday evening this past week that I had to be out in 8 days, which was later amended to 30 days, which has now been amended to whatever time I need or even "stay here and be the cook/maid". My studio was needed for their bedroom, so everything was shoved into a corner of  an adjacent room to make space. This is what the corner looks like, with the table on it's side. Oh, and it was nothing I did or didn't do, the niece needed housing, so here we are.

So, I am in transition again, after only 6 months. I am trying to have faith and figure out what's next. Meanwhile, trying to pack and maintain. Please pray for me, to discern what is God's will here, and to keep calm, and not panic. You can't get anything done in a frazzle!

I know that many of you helped me out a lot six months ago, but I am asking again, for a couple of dollars here or there to maintain myself while I can't paint, and must pack and make decisions instead.
Thanks in advance, all!

Addendum: Thank you ever so much, to the four folks who sent funds to keep me going. So very much appreciated! (You know who you are, so I won't mention names.) I am now settled temporarily into the parsonage of the church I have been attending for the last 6 months. The pastor and his wife kindly took me in, to avoid homelessness. I now have about three months to figure out what's next, while my dear cousin stores all my things in his garage, thanks so much, H. On we go!

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