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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunflowers on Blue - SOLD

Sunflowers on Blue
Oil on Vintage Canvas Panel, 12" x 16"
SOLD at $30 plus $8 shipping.
Click Here to Buy Now thru DPW.

One of my earliest collectors, who has become a friend, is an antiques dealer, and once in awhile runs across art supplies at estate sales and various treasure hunting venues. She calls them art goodies, (thanks, KM!) and when she comes down to the DC area to visit her son, brings me treasures. This canvas panel is one of those. It's a, okay, really old canvas panel from "Duro," which has been in business since 1938. The canvas looks to be maybe from the 40's? Photo below. I love old things. I gessoed the canvas front and back, and it painted up beautifully. See some detail shots below.

 Back of the Canvas Panel. Duro is still in business, out of Chicago.

Detail (Close up) of brush work in the sunflowers.
These guys have lasted now an entire week, even though I fussed at the time about paying $10 for 6 stems.

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