Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Hydrangea Dreams - SOLD

Hydrangea Dreams
Oil on Canvas Panel, 12" x 16"
SOLD at $40 plus $8 shipping.
Click here to purchase directly thru DPW.

So here's the color I was trying to match: Not too bad.
The other thing I'm trying for with my painting is for that painterly, indistinct look that I love so much. Where there's a little mystery in the work, there are undefined edges and passages that are open to interpretation. Trying to get away from the cut-out look, which comes so easily (stay inside those lines now...)


gill said...


I have just tried to buy your lovely hydrangea picture only to find you don't ship to the UK, is this correct?

Kind Regards

Nel Jansen said...

Hi Gill:
Shipping overseas is outrageously expensive. I will change the setting on the DPW page, to allow you to buy the painting, but please note that the shipping is steep, and that may change your mind.

Janet Paden said...

Nel, this is gorgeous!! I think you nailed it. (No pun intended) :) It IS painterly and also soft at the same time, which is very appealing. I especially like the contrasts in the green leafy background and those dark parts that really draw the eye in. I just saw the barn also. WOW! It is strange that it takes a real talent to do a great messy painting. Keep up the good work!

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