Wednesday, November 06, 2013

For Serious Collectors, Ivan Dobroruka

A special offer for my serious Art Collectors.
I will be featuring some gallery offerings here from time to time, since I am acquainted with a gallery owner who has semi-retired from the owning and operating of her gallery, but still has stock of serious professional artwork to offer. These are not only beautiful pieces, but an investment as well.

Three Musicians
An Ivan Dobroruka hand pulled full page etching. 
Size is 15 width x 22 height, an AP III/III
Special Price is $350, includes shipping.

Ivan Dobroruka was an old school purist and and did all the graphic printing himself and hand painted when necessary.  The Three Musicians is a small edition he created for a gallery show.
He generally would not print more than 50.
The AP III/III is a true artist's proof as he would correct as he went along if he was not happy. 

Background:  Ivan passed away about 10 years ago from pancreatic cancer.  He lived in Canada with his wife Elizabeth and two sons.  Dobroruka was born in Czechoslovakia, lived with the monks of Mt. Athos in Greece during the war…learned how to paint with the gold renaissance icon finish, spoke 5 languages, loved classical music  and played the piano beautifully (classical), and followed the surreal style of art creation.  Ivan was well respected/collected in Europe but fell in love with a Canadian, married her and moved there. Many of his art selections show his fantasies, dreams, and love of his wife ( he puts her in most of his work somehow) His art has not gone up in value since his death because there is nothing on the market.  Ivan kept his prices down in order to sell and make a living. 

if you are interested in this piece, please send an email to, and I will pass it along to the gallery owner. Alternatively, if you are interested in what else is available, send me an email and I will put you in touch with my friend.

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