Sunday, June 24, 2012

Little Cherry Diptych - SOLD

Little Cherry Diptych
Oil on Tiny Stretched Canvases, 4" x 4" by about 1/2 "
SOLD as a set, $25.00 includes shipping.
Detail of Right Side (sorry for the glare)

I saw these tiny little canvases in Michael's and thought they were so cute. Perfect for cherries. I am painting the edges, so you could sit these, unframed, on a couple of those tiny little easels, if you'd a mind to.

The cherries were another matter. In your grocery store, do they make you buy a big bag, instead of having loose cherries that you can pick and weigh? Here at our Giant, you have to buy 2 pounds in a plastic bag to get any cherries at all. Irksome, I think. But I shared with my neighbor.

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