Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Plein Air Brookside Gardens - SOLD

Plein Air Brookside Gardens
Oil on Canvas Panel, 9" x 12"

A little plein air painting again today, since we had another bright, clear and gorgeous day. I painted at the edge of the parking lot, so I'd be easy to find, in case some of my students wanted to come. There were other painters there at Brookside Gardens, and I met a fellow Maryland painter named Vince Neradka and it was fun to talk "painting." He also has on his website some neat paintings of Brookside.


Pajama Artist said...

I really like your use of color in a landscape that was probably mostly green. Love the violet bush.

Caroline Savva Art said...

Excellent composition, Nel. There's a real sense of depth here, it's very clever!

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