Sunday, November 14, 2010

Intimate Iris - SOLD

Intimate Iris
Watercolor on Aquabord, 8" x 8"
SOLD at $30.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

I am running low on canvas, and have a watercolor to do, so thought I'd play with this little piece of Aquabord. With this, you only have to spray fix the watercolor (which I'll do, like a varnish), and then it's sealed, and you can frame it like an oil or acrylic, no glass. Cool, huh?


Flora said...

Beautiful!!Awesome colors!!

Michelle said...

I'd like to buy this, how can I contact you?

Nel said...

Hi Michelle:

If you want to purchase this little guy, simply send an email to me at and I'll reply with details.


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