Saturday, June 05, 2010

Rainbow Apples One and Two

Rainbow Apples One Oil on Stretched Canvas, 8" x 8" SOLD at $35.00 plus $5.00 shipping. Rainbow Apples Two Oil on Stretched Canvas, 8" x 8" Reposted on January 8, 2011. Aren't these fun? I painted the first one as I would have done an underpainting for a palette knife painting, but completed the masses. Then I wondered what would happen if I blended the colors, as though it were a "normal" still life painting. So I did a second one. The colors did muddy a bit, but it still looks neat. I was also thinking about what a great exercise (value study) this would be for an intermediate class in oils, which is something I'm thinking about for fall. Nel

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Janet said...

Nel, I would LOVE an intermediate class!! Any chance we could make it with each lesson allowing two weeks? That is if we get so much wonderful information,exercises as in the beginners! There are still things in the beginners class that I wanted to do, but just because of time, didn't get to. Anyway, hope you decided to do this!

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