Monday, May 10, 2010

Palette Knife Still Life - SOLD

Palette Knife Still Life Oil on Stretched Canvas, 11" x 14" SOLD at $60.00 plus shipping. A challenge today for me. The palette knife is not comfortable for my hand, and I mean for it to become a useful tool, so today I set out to try my hand at a still life with the knives I have. There are definite advantages; your colors stay clean and you don't contaminate them, they can mix on the painting. Easy wipe, clean tool. Disadvantages too; it's an awkward tool and edges and control are hard. Okay, I cheated a little bit with brushes, but not much. Nel

1 comment:

freebird said...

Nel, I'd love to have this for my kitchen. I wish it had a touch more green but otherwise it's perfect for my colors. Is this still available?

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