Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cherub Face Sketch - NA

Cherub Face Sketch Oil on Canvas Panel, 12" x 12" Not Available, have reclaimed the canvas. I really debated whether to post today's effort or not. I love the look of portraits that have carefully rendered faces, and sketchy backgrounds, so that's what I was aiming for. There is still some raw canvas in this sketch, just so you know. But..the face isn't really where I wanted it to be. Not quite as cute as the statue really is. But one thing I have learned, is that sometimes what I am not happy with, someone else may like a lot. So.

1 comment:

isidore said...

The features are of a little boy, the expression seems to indicate quite mature reflective thought. I can see myself with such an expression, however, it has been a long time since i was a little boy. You must have put your own musings into this portrait!

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