Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bowl of Beads

Bowl of Beads Watercolor Pencil on 300 lb Richeson Watercolor paper Image size is 7" x 11" on 11" x 15" paper Available at $40.00 plus shipping. Happy Mardi Gras, everyone! It's a big deal here in Louisiana, the kids had Fat Monday and today off school. Our first time experiencing the traditions of Mardi Gras, some of them anyway. Like King Cake, which I'd never heard of. We walked up to the end of the neighborhood on Saturday to watch a parade go by, people on horseback, people in the LA version of floats (flatbeds decorated, and toting people, barbeques, port-a-potties), all of them throwing treats to the crowds: we got plastic cups, small toys, lots and lots of strings of beads, candy, stuffed animals, you name it. People passed out beer, jello shots, yes, lots of drinking going on too. All very happy and friendly, and you're supposed to call to the folks with treats "Throw me sumthin, mista!" So we have a thousand strings of beads around the house, and I took pieces of my babysitting time yesterday while my daughter, sil, and his visiting brother went to New Orleans to draw this bowl of beads.

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