Monday, January 19, 2009

New Every Morning - SOLD

New Every Morning Oil on Stretched Canvas, 24" x 24" SOLD at sale price. I first painted and posted this one in October of 2008. There was always something just a bit "off" about it, and it didn't sell. I've repainted the foreground to make it darker, added some little buildings, made the line of mountains lighter, and enlarged the trees. Pulled some of the purples from the sky into the rest of the painting. And dropped the price, considering it's a two foot by two foot piece that needs to have a home. Now I like it.


Anonymous said...

The atmosphere in this painting is exquisite! I can't believe it hasn't sold yet. It's so rich and impressionistic and painterly. I love it!

r maria said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so happy I found you. I plan to make a purchase very soon. Best to you! Maria in Charleston, South Carolina

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