Monday, December 08, 2008

Beginners Oil Painting Class

Beginners Oil painting Class.
I've mentioned before about the Online Beginners Oil Painting Class that I was exploring, and it looks like there is enough interest to make it worth doing. So, that said, here are the details.
We will organize around a Yahoo Group where I'll post the lessons and exercises. This will also allow each student to create a folder where they can post their homework to be viewed by me and the class. Discussions will be held here as well. Questions and answers can be posted here.
The class will run for six weeks. Our start date is September 14, 2009. It can run straight through for six weeks, or at the discretion of the class, we may extend the class to allow more time. The cost is $75.00 for the six weeks. Payment can be made here by using the button in this posting. (update: start date for latest session is March 18, 2010) I am an experienced teacher, having taught Adult ed classes and Leisure learning classes for about 20 years, here and there. I am hoping for a good group, and I really think this could be a lot of fun. Come and join us!


Susan D said...

Hey Nel,

I recently started a blog and received my first "tag" game. Of course, I tagged you.

Please stop by my little spot, visit, and share it with others.

Blessings, Susan

Steve said...

Will there be a limit to how many you allow? I ama colored pencil artist and would like to learn to paint and get out of my comfort zone of pencils. With Christmas coming, I can't sign up until later which is why I am asking if you have a limited registration.

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

I am SO sorry I'm allergic to oils! And what a wonderful choice as a demonstration, it's beautiful...

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