Monday, October 27, 2008

Two White Roses -- SOLD

White Rose on Stretched Canvas, Oil on Stretched Canvas, 8" x 10" - SOLD
White Rose on Gessoboard, Oil on Gessoboard, 8" x 10" - SOLD
Since I had two requests for this little white rose, I decided to do them in tandem. Using different surfaces, I painted them back to back, finishing one step on each one, then moving on. It was interesting to see how differently they turned out, even using the same mixes of colors.
One for Hal and Dawn, one for Holly.


Holly said...

Hey Nel,

Wow, they are both beautiful. Thank you so much so doing that again. I need to send you a check for 10 dollars which I promise I will not forget. This painting is for the gallary lady, and she is framing you other one you send me. This one she knows about, and is going to frame it I am sure in one heck of a frame. Mine is also one heck of a frame, and I will send you a photo...sometimes seeing the end result makes it more fun. Your suck an incredible Artist, and one great lady.

Regards, and let me know when you get my check.

Holly in Tennesse

Holly said... not post my last email...did not proof read it...Your suck insteast of SUCH a great artist...LOL..SO sorry. Let me try it again....OMGoodness, I am tired tonight. Sorry.

Both pieces are stunning...I am going to send you a photo of the one you sent me. The frame is amazing...Hope you like seeing your white rose framed in a stunning frame. She actually did the Hydranga`s in a great big frame also. Will send photos of both.


Holly said...

Okay Nel, this email you can please show everyone how much your art work is loved by your clients. I love my rose, and I know you will love seeing the last 3 painting you sent me...Hydranges, Lakeside Sunset is so beautiful, and the white rose is being frame and you will love to see it. Your amazing and I am so glad you do such amazing work.

Thank you Nel, and keep the beauty coming to all of us...

Holly in Tennesse

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