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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Portrait Party Swap

Jana in Green T watercolor on 300 lb Richeson Paper NFS My first watercolor portrait, and even though it doesn't exactly match the photo, it has a nice feel to it. This is Jana Bouc, one of the artists I've come to know a bit through EDM. We are participating in a Portrait Party Birthday Contest on the Portrait Party Swap blog. What fun. You can see Jana's portrait of me, on her blog, and although it's done as a caricature, it feels like me. Anyone can participate, so if you're interested, the instructions are on the Portrait Party blog, and all you need is a willing partner.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Nel, I love it! Jana's such a doll, and you've really captured that...

Nice use of mixed media!

Anonymous said...

I love it! You really captured me (and made me look better than real life). Sorry I made you look so icky when I painted you. I spent last night trying and trying again to do better but finally gave up. I'll be trying again in oil. At least I figured out what was wrong with my drawing -- like giving you a way too big nose, for one thing!

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