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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rough Garlic - SOLD

Rough Garlic Oil on Canvas Board, 10" x 12" Sold at $40.00 plus shipping. I used big brushes for this one, and resisted (it wasn't easy) picking up my "blender brushes" and going back over everything, as I usually do. Somewhere between this fairly rough (but more painterly) style and what I generally do, is where I want to be. More garlic is by request, but since it is different, the requester may want to pass on it. Thanks for looking.

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Susan's Scribbles said...

Nel, you amaze me with your talent. This garlic is lovely. And because I get to see your paintings everyday and you are so faithful about painting everyday, I'm giving you the YOU MADE MY DAY award. Visit my blog for more details. And thank you!

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