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Monday, February 18, 2008

Purple Iris Profusion - SOLD

Purple Iris Profusion Watercolor on Lanaquarelle, 300 lb paper, full sheet 22.5" x 30" Sold at $130.00 plus $20 shipping. This is another of the drawn-out but not painted paintings. It's on a full sheet of Lanaquarelle, which is an incrdibly soft paper. I don't remember using it to paint on before, but the paint doesn't run nearly as much as on other paper I've used, and it works well for the modeling I do on the petals. This one took a lot of time, and I'm pleased with the final result. Thanks for looking.


Mark Adams said...

Your Iris paintings are breathtaking. From the gradient wash of the background to the subtle handling of the petals and leaves, this is good stuff!

Nel Jansen said...

Thanks, Mark, but I do need to say that the background doesn't have a wash. It's just the various light bulbs on my drafting table making different lighting looks on the white paper.

Mark Adams said...

Oops! That doesn’t negate my sentiment – It’s still a great painting. Have you thought about using a gradient wash in the background? It is a cool effect, although it would mean masking off the entire subject.

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